Tai Kam Leong

Head of Brands & Partnerships, Maxis


Tai has spent the last 16 years searching out possibilities to be made into probabilities. Mostly manifested in the fields of brand, strategy and communications in Malaysia and Singapore, he’s spent the last few years in Maxis managing the home business before delving into marketing in more recent times. There’s inherent power in partnerships and harnessing curiosity for betterment, and as such, he’s pretty obsessed with exploring all things new.  

Tai believes that change is simultaneously inevitable, scary and exciting. The key to unlocking the opportunities it brings begins with collective self awareness and conversations. He looks forward to coffee with just about anyone that’s game for one.



How Maxis Has And Continue To Be Disrupted

"Ultra-demanding. Only in it for the money. Short attention span. Chaotic and undisciplined. Full-time social media creatures, but no social skills in real life. Unwilling to work long hours. Can't deal with pressure. Snowflake-y syndrome".

There have been many ways the industry describe talent today, and lament the challenge of delivering great work in a culture unlike the ‘good ol' times’.

At Maxis, we have been disrupted too, in many ways, and our affliction is deep seated and wide spread. Would like to share a couple of tales of terror of how we had our game changed from within, and perhaps mutually learn from it.


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