Sinan Ismail

CEO, Digital Durian


Make people happy via Didi & Friends and Omar & Hana. He loves to make people happy.. and is blessed to be able to do that.  

He leads a team of 100 allstars at Digital Durian. They create fun and meaningful content for young children.

Their first IP Didi & Friends has 1.6 billion views on YouTube and more than 2 million subscribers. It is dubbed into 7 languages including English, Malay, Spanish, Portuguese and Bahasa Indonesia. They have more than 800 SKUs and four in mall entertainment rides in Malaysia.

Their second IP Omar & Hana has 900 million views on YouTube and also more than 2 million subscribers. It is in English, Arabic and Malay. In Malaysia, they have more than 300 SKUs. Omar & Hana is also broadcasted in 25 countries all around the world - in the UK, MENA, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Digital Durian’s mission is simple – “We want to create value and make millions of children & families around the world happy with our content, products and experiences”.


Didi & Friends + Omar & Hana

360° way to spread joy & engage the hearts of kids and parents

Our 2 IPs (cartoons) have more than 2 billion views and 4 million subscribers on YouTube. Why YouTube? What is the business strategy? What is the drive behind creating these children cartoons? Sinan will share his journey and insights from creating 2 successful YouTube IPs which have had great success beyond the small screen.


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Awards Night
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