Sulin Lau

Regional head of country marketing, Grab


Growing up as the nerdy daughter of an obsessive history buff, Sulin dreamed of traveling the world as a journalist — but fate intervened, and she ended up in advertising instead. She went on to lead strategy teams at BBDO and DDB. In 2014, not content with advising clients from the outside, she decided to become one.

As Head of Marketing Services for Digi (2009-2013) and later Maxis (2014-2017), she believed that before you can transform a brand externally, you first need to disrupt internally how marketing teams collaborate. A lover of marketing hacks: one of the world’s earliest FB 360 videos – shot before 360 cameras were even sold, a plantable Angpow that blooms into flowers, and publicly betting the CTO’s life on Maxis’ improved data network. Maxis was named EFFIE Effective Brand of the Year 3 times in a row and was ranked #1 Effective advertiser in APAC (7th globally) according to the 2017 Global Effie Top 100 Effectiveness Index.


She left marketing briefly to lead Facebook’s agency partnership team in Southeast Asia but joined Grab in March this year to lead Grab’s marketing teams in Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines.

In between stints in advertising, she’s also been a Kiva Fellow, published a creative marketing guide that helps small businesses think big on a small budget, and dabbles unspectacularly in writing and painting.

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