Henry Tan

Chief Executive Officer, Astro Malaysia Holdings Bhd


Henry is building on the strength of Astro's unrivalled reach and engagement with 77% of Malaysian households, 16.7 million listeners and 9.3 million unique visitors on digital platforms to transform Astro into a content and consumer company utilising data and digital technology. Prioritising the customer, his aim is to redefine the customer to that of a privileged member to whom the best commerce, competitive broadband connectivity and a world of rewards will be available.

Henry continues to champion vernacular, Nusantara and Asian originals, from film to TV to digital, to ensure consumer relevance, reach and engagement. He believes in the potential of Malaysian movies and was instrumental in the success of 7 of Malaysia’s top 10 films.

He spearheaded many firsts and breakthroughs, including:

  • Introducing high definition (HD) and 4K UHD
  • NJOI, the free satellite multichannel service
  • Astro First, cinema in your home service
  • eGG, regional eSports channel
  • Boo, Asian horror channel
  • Digital vernaculars, Gempak and Awani platforms
  • Local Hua Hee Hokkien entertainment and Malay Lawak comedy brands

He was responsible for the Group's airtime sales and Chairman of Go Shop, Astro's home-shopping and eCommerce service, and led the Group in achieving an increase in share of TV viewership from 43% to 73%, share of TV Adex from 27% to 47% and share of radio Adex from 53% to 80% in the past 5 years.


Don’t throw the baby out…

  • The best way to engage consumers is through hi-tech, online, programmatic ads. TV is passé and a dinosaur in the digital age. Or is it?
  • Hollywood rules the roost and everybody wants to watch the latest Marvel, Star Wars and Fast & Furious movies. Meanwhile, the local movie industry is in the doldrums. Or is it?
  • In this disrupted world, where everybody is our competitor, it’s do or die and it’s every man for himself. Or is it?

Astro CEO and media thought leader Henry Tan will show you why you should be challenging everything you think you know about the media industry.


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